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eSPI Analyzer eSPI协议分析仪

Enhanced Serial Peripheral Interface (“eSPI”) is designed as a replacement for the Low Pin Count (“LPC”) bus. eSPI supports communication between Embedded Controller (EC), Baseboard Management Controller (BMC), Super-I/O (SIO) and Port-80 debug cards.

Total Phase eSPI Analysis Application is the first eSPI monitor in the industry. With this application you will be able to monitor eSPI communication between multiple eSPI devices:

  • Monitor communication between a master and slaves on data lines
  • Support for single, dual and quad I/O
  • Support for clock speeds up to 66MHz
  • Monitor up to 5 channels (peripheral, virtual wire, OOB, Flash, Independent)
  • Monitor up to 2 slave select lines
  • Monitor 2 alert lines
  • Monitor 2 reset lines
  • Match triggers, hardware filters and statistics

When used in conjunction with our Data Center? Software you will be able to capture and display eSPI bus data in true real time through the Promira Serial Platform. Total Phase provides the only protocol analysis software in the industry with true real-time performance and cross-platform support for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

While eSPI utilizes the physical interface designed for SPI, including the master-multi slave topology and data sampling rules with respect to clock, the similarity ends there!

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欲了解更多详情,请直接联系我们 021-61457130


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