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MIPI UniPro CTS Tester | MIPI UniPro 协议合规性测试仪 |UniPro 协议一致性测试仪

The Falcon G300 series with Trace Validation provides complete protocol debug and analysis of UFS and UniPro devices

Universal Features for both G300 and G350:

Supports MIPI M-PHY v3.1 HS-G3 and UniPro v1.61
Can be upgraded to support MIPI M-PHY v4.1 HS-G4 and UniPro v1.8
Speed: PWMG1-PWMG5, HSG1-HSG3 and Rate Series A & B
Link Width: x1 and x2
LUN: 0-7, plus boot, RPMB, UFS Device, Report LUN and Agnostic
Traffic Class: TC0
Transmission Modes: Auto/NonAuto
Trace capture memory depth: 8 GB
Thunderbolt 3 connectivity
Protocol support: UFS 2.x
Protocol support: UniPro 1.6x
Compliance support: UFS 2.x
Conformance support: UniPro 1.6x

数据包发生器 Exciser/Generator Falcon G350 Features:
Exerciser Stimulus
Host or device emulation, with full compliant UniPro stack in HW
Error Injection
Create specific traffic on the link, or put the DUT into a known state

Conformance Test Suite (CTS)

UFS compliance and logo testing
UFS compliance verified to JESD224 CTS
UniPro conformance testing
MOI approved by MIPI Test Work Group
MIPI conformance verified to UniPro Conformance Test Suite (CTS) v1.1

Corner, Margin and Stress testing
Execute hundreds of thousands of tests automatically
Stop after any number of loops, warnings, failures or No Result test cases.

UniPro v1.1 CTS conformance

UniPro 协议一致性测试
Verifies test cases as defined in the CTS, covering all tests specified in the UniPro CTS Annex C.
Method of Implementation (MOI) is approved by the MIPI Alliance Test Work Group
UniPro 1.61 spec conformance
Trace Validation engine evaluates UniPro v1.61 protocol sequences, “shall” statements and logical requirements
Custom test cases
Available in Trace Validation and Stimulus modes
Global Variables and Run Conditions control Transactions
Script execution for device control
Packet construction and Transaction analysis based on Trace Validation engine
Stress Testing
Execute any loop order by Speed, Link widths, LUNs or individual test cases
Each category can be run ascending, descending, or random seed order
Stop after a specified number of test case configuration loops or No Result Test Cases have occurred
Group, filter and summarize test results by test parameters – status, individual tests, or test rules
Summary reports and full file exports

CTS Compliance Tests - UniPro协议一致性测试
UniPro conformance: 115 CTS tests, 79 required
45+ tests specified for MIPI Alliance Product Registry

Test Executive currently supports 57 full CTS tests

and the following debug test cases:
11 NAC Condition
40 Power Mode Change
15 Trace Validation tests

Custom Test Builders:
UniPro: Stimulus Builder
Create link traffic
Perform error insertion
Put DUT into a known state
Test corner cases or introduce errors for margin, or error recovery testing



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