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USB PD Compliance Tester

USB PD 协议兼容性测试仪 | USB PD协议一致性测试仪

The Packet-Master USB-PDT is a USB Power Delivery Compliance Tester and development tool. The base unit was designed to be adaptable to either the FSK or the BMC variants of the Power Delivery specification.

The USB-PDT comes complete with our Windows application GraphicUSB for driving and reporting on the Compliance Tests and capturing and displaying every detail of the PD interactions.

Power Delivery Compliance Tester USB PD协议一致性测试仪
The Packet-Master USB-PDT behaves as one end of a PD link. It can emulate the behaviour of an initial DFP or UFP in controlled ways, and as such is able to confirm the responses of the connected Unit Under Test (UUT).

Cable Marker Compliance Tester
It is also designed to perform all the required protocol and PHY Compliance Tests on Electronic Cable Markers. Nothing else is required for these tests

Tester Resources
The tester has a number of built-in resources which contribute towards its capability as a comprehensive PD Compliance Tester: In general these resources are under the automatic control of the software, so for example capturing an Eye Diagram results from starting one particular test.

  • Signal Receiver
  • Signal Transmitter
  • Power Delivery Protocol Engine
  • Power Delivery Analyser
  • VBUS Voltage Measuring Circuit
  • VBUS Current Measuring Circuit
  • 100W VBUS Generator Circuit
  • 100W VBUS Programmable Current Load


One important capability of the Tester is to run an Eye Diagram test as specified in the Compliance Plan.
The Tester will establish PD communication with the UUT, transmit a BIST Mode 2 request, and during the 30-60ms continuous transmission resulting, will capture samples of the waveform from the UUT.
The UUT may be a PD device or an electrically marked Type-C cable.
The samples are plotted against the defined mask, with an indication of any places where the mask is intersected.
The other specification parameters; Risetime, Falltime, BitRate, and Bitrate drift are also calculated and displayed (and displayed in red if out of spec).

Official Approval by USB-IF:

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