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USB Power Delivery 协议分析仪

The Packet-Master USB-PDA is a USB PD Analyser, for FSK and Baseband variants of Power Delive

Non-Intrusive Operation
The Packet-Master USB-PDA connects passively between two USB PD devices, and captures all PD activity without influencing the link. So you can be sure that you are seeing exactly what really happens. All the important timings are displayed, along with VBUS voltage and current measurement

Report and Analysis Operation
The Packet-Master USB-PDA detects and displays the following in a simple-to-understand yet informative manner:

  • Every PD message packet, including full detail of the pre-amble bits, SOP ordered set, header and data objects. Every bit field is analysed, described and any potential non-compliances are highlighted.
  • Test Pattern Frames are displayed and analysed to indicate whether they contain a valid PRBS test pattern.
  • Bit Stream and other continuous waveforms are displayed, with an analysis of their type.
  • The VBUS voltage and current are monitored and displayed, on a zoomable timeline which also shows the actual PD message packets. Discrepancies between voltage and current changes and the occurrence of related messages are clearly shown
  • SOP', SOP'', SOP'_debug and SOP''_debug messages are also displayed.ts.

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