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USB Cable Tester | USB Cable eMarker Tester | Type-C Cable Tester

USB Cable eMarker测试仪

MQP Packet-Master USB-PDTeM is a low cost Cable eMarker Tester for those USB cable manufactures:
Cable Marker Compliance Tester
Perform all the required protocol and PHY Compliance Tests on Electronic Cable Markers. Nothing else is required for these tests.




Total Phase Advanced Cable Tester provide capabilities never seen before: high-fidelity data throughput measurement, thorough continuity testing, IR drop for safe operation/reliability, and e-marker verification. Rapid spot-checking of cables, easy-to-understand reports, and 100% test coverage are available to casual, laboratory, and production environments at a fraction of the price, setup time, and labor versus any alternate solutions.

Key Features

  • Test Cables
  • E-marker
  • Signal Integrity
  • Active/Passive
  • A/mA/μA/B/mB/μB/Lightning/
  • DisplayPort/HDMI available
  • Continuous test mode (burn-in)
  • Real-time results
  • Results displayed on LEDs for headless operation
  • Detailed logs, measurements, and eye diagrams
  • Ideal for laboratory and light manufacturing applications

Test Coverage

  • Comprehensive cable IR drop
  • DC resistance of each individual power pin
  • Signal integrity
  • Eye diagrams for D+/D– (480 Mbps), all four SuperSpeed pairs (5 Gbps,10 Gbps)
  • E-marker operation

Two Versions:

  • Advanced Cable Tester – single cable test solution for lab and light production

  • Advanced Cable Tester High-Volume Edition


欲了解更多详情,请直接联系我们 021-61457130





欲了解更多详情,请直接联系我们 021-61457130

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