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Type-C_Communication_Tracker_HDMI_DP_Analyzer 协议分析仪

Pocket-sized and bus-powered, the Ellisys Type-C Tracker delivers comprehensive
support for a multitude of protocols and electrical signaling that operate over the
USB Type-C connection standard.

Detailed decoding of packets, transactions, and other communications is provided
in a flexible and easy to understand manner over the field-proven and ubiquitous
Ellisys software application. The Tracker provides a variety of error detections,
precision timing tools, and performance measurement tools. Designed with
ease-of-use in mind, the Type-C Tracker is the ideal companion for a wide variety
of tasks associated with Type-C product development.

Supported Protocols 支持的协议
■ USB Power Delivery 2.0 and
■ USB Power Delivery Vendor-Defined Messages
■ USB Type-C voltage states
■ USB 2.0
■ DisplayPort? alternate mode
■ DisplayPort? auxiliary (AUX) SBU
■ Thunderbolt 3 Control signaling
■ HDMI Alt Mode, DDC, CEC
■ TCPCI (Type-C Port Controller
■ I2C (Inter Integrated-Circuits)
■ UART (Universal Asynchronous
■ SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface)
■ SWD (Serial Wire Debug)

Analyzer General Capabilities协议分析仪通用功能
■ Concurrent, synchronized capture of all supported protocols, electrical signaling,and logic signals
■ Multiple-unit synchronization capability
■ Real-time display of captured traffic
■ Hardware filtering for select protocols
■ Display filters
■ Bookmark placement and import/export
■ Secure cloud upload/download of saved files
■ Customizable overview columns
■ Real-time user message-log injection
■ Bus powered operations

USB Power Delivery Capabilities USB PD协议分析
■ Non-intrusive probing
■ Custom Type-C analysis cable for Vconn monitoring
■ Packet and transaction error detection and display
■ Synchronized timing between packets and all USB Type-C voltages
■ Vendor–defined message support
■ Detailed field/byte/bit decoding of alternate mode commands, PD traffic, VDMs

USB 2.0 Capabilities USB2.0协议分析
■ Support of LS (1.5 Mbps), FS (12 Mbps),and HS (480 Mbps)
■ Device class support
■ Standard descriptors support
■ Automatic speed detection
■ Precise tracking of line states
■ Non-intrusive probing
■ Timing resolution of 16.7 ns
■ Hardware filtering of NAK transactions
■ Payload truncation filtering
■ Data payload throughput tracking
■ Packet and transaction error detection and display
Electrical Capture Capabilities
■ Measurement and synchronized tracking of Vbus, SBU_A, SBU_B, CC and Vconn
■ Automatic detection of Type-C orientation

典型应用示例 Type-C Communications and Voltages
Products under test (PUTs) are connected to the Type-C receptacles on the
front panel of the Tracker, with a Control Computer connected to the Tracker
for power and application control. All supported traffic is captured and uploaded
real-time to the Control Computer. Gigabit signaling is passed through the analyzer.
Conveniently, the Tracker’s capture engine will automatically determine which
Type-C Communications Channel (CC) pin is being used for USB Power Delivery
com-munications and which pin is being used for Vconn. Various protocols
operating over the Type-C Sideband Use (SBU) lines are also captured, in addition
to USB 2.0 traffic. A special cable (not shown) is supplied to manage proper signal

典型应用示例 Logic Signals, TCPCI/I2C, and Other Serial Protocols
The Logic connection can be used to capture logic /general purpose IO signals
and several protocols, such as I2C, UART, SWD, and SPI. This traffic is displayed
in various windows throughout the Tracker software application, including
protocol-specific Overviews and the Instant Timing view, for various protocol
analyses and precision timing-related characterizations. All Logic Connection
traffic and signaling can be captured concurrently and in precise synchronization
with all other Logic Connection inputs as well as all captured front-panel Type-C
traffic (CC, SBU, and USB 2.0), including voltage states. Logic signals captured
can be grouped into user-named buses for added convenience.

软件界面Software GUI

不同产品比较表Comparison Between Different USB Analyzers

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