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I2C / SPI Host Adapter | I2C / SPI 主机适配器

Total Phase主要提供I2C/SPI Host Adaptor、I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer、USB Protocol Analyzer、CAN Bus solution等。秉承其“Powerful & Affordable”的理念,Total Phase为全世界工程师们提供了性价比极高的主机适配器、协议分析仪等。
Total Phase同时提供免费开放的API和Library,全球无数工程师正在享用此Feature。 其所有工具都同时支持Windows、Linux、Mac OX X等操作系统。

AardVark I2C/SPI Host Adaptor| I2C / SPI 主机适配器
I2C/SPI/MDIO EEPROM/Flash主机适配器。可用自定义Script控制Adaptor自动对EEPROM、Flash等编程、测试。

  1. I2C主从设备频率达400 kHz
  2. I2C multi-master support
  3. SPI主设备频率达8 MHz
  4. SPI从设备频率达4 MHz
  5. GPIO with selectable pins
  6. I2C – Two wire interface
    Standard mode (100 kbps) and fast mode (400 kbps)
    Variable bitrate (1-800 kbps)
    Byte throughput rates are near theoretical maximums
    Master transmit and receive
    Asynchronous slave transmit and receive
    Repeated start, 10-bit addressing, and combined format
  7. SPI – 4 wire serial communication protocol
    Up to 8 Mbps master signaling rate
    Up to 4 Mbps slave signaling rate
    Full duplex master transmit/receive
    Asynchronous slave transmit/receive
    Configurable slave select polarity for master mode
  8. GPIO – General Purpose Input/Output
    General purpose signaling on I2C and/or SPI pins
    Internal caching of GPIO configuration
    I2C Monitor
    Unobtrusively record traffic on an I2C bus
    Supports bus speeds up to 125 kHz
  9. USB host communication
    Up to 3 Mbps transfer to host PC
    Powered from USB, eliminating power adapters
    Reports as a full-speed device (12 Mbps) to USB 2.0 hosts
  10. Software API
    Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X compatible
    Easy to integrate application interface
    Upgradeable Firmware
    Field upgradeable over USB
    Error checking prevents upgrade disaster

截至2012,1,1 日支持的 I2C EEPROM, Flash and SPI Flash 器件列表, 可自主添加基于 XML 格式器件支持文件 :

Total Phase Supported Devices List

点击查看TotalPhase_Efficient_I2C_Debugging Tools文档

MCC针对I2C/SMBUS 提供最全套的方案供客户选择,从简单的12C转换器. USB 转I2C,RS232转I2C到各种接口的I2C/SMBUS分析仪,手持式I2C分析仪,以及Smart Battery Systems,都有提供,同时多种转换器都可以直接作为ISP烧写工具和ICT在线测试工具使用。
iPort Windows RS232转I2C主机适配器。
iPort 配套研发软件套件。
iPort Windows RS232转I2C主机适配器套件。
iPort DLL/USB转I2C主机适配器。
iPort/AI RS-232转I2C主机适配器(带ASCII接口)。
iPort/AI LabVIEW 驱动库
iPort/AI I2C 主机适配器LabVIEW套件
包括iPort/AI主机适配器(#MIIC-202G) 和iPort/AI LabVIEW 驱动库(#202-SDKW-LV).
iPort/AFM RS-232转I2C主机适配器(带ASCII快速模式接口)。
iPort/USB USB转I2C主机适配器主机适配器(带ASCII快速模式接口)

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