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软件静态测试与代码规则检查(Support MISRAC 1998 and 2004)

Development Assistant for C (DAC) is an integrated development environment (IDE) which supports the development and maintenance of embedded software written in the C and assembler language.

It is clear that the development and maintenance of quality software is a very complex process which can be viewed from many angles. We have selected, thought out and designed DAC features so that they represent support for the most important activities in this complex process.

Precisely because DAC supports the development and maintenance of software as a whole, DAC is a tool which works above the software project. At the same time, the software project is not just a simple set of modules making up the project source-the project is made up of a lot of other important information (documents, makefiles, shortcuts for starting build and many others).

It is difficult to just enumerate the basic DAC features. The most important ones are: Editor, Flow Chart, Browser, Call-Hierarchy and Data Flow Graph, Type-Hierarchy Graph, Project Window, Software Metrics, Documentation Generator. DAC pays special attention to the fact that software development takes place with the help of various tools - compilers, assemblers, linkers, but also version control systems, debuggers and other development environments. DAC supports a wide range of compilers and assemblers of well-known manufacturers. Via its plug-in system, DAC supports a number of debuggers, version control systems, as well as project-importers with the help of which it is easy to move from another environment to DAC or work on a parallel with it.

DAC V4.x Snapshot:

DAC 主要功能

  • Project Manager
  • Editor
  • Code Structure Highlighting
  • Flow Chart
  • Browser
  • Call-Hierarchy and Data Flow Graph
  • Type-Hierarchy Graph
  • Software Metrics
  • User-Defined Actions Command Shell
  • Message Manager
  • Source Formatter
  • Makefile Generator
  • Documentation Generator
  • MISRA-C (1998-2004)Compliance Check
  • Symbol Name Checking
  • Analysis for Symbols
  • Project Importer
  • Debugger Support
  • Version Control System Support


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