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SONET OTN and Fiber Channel Tester 测试仪

The BL6000 is one of the worlds first 1 & 10 All in Gigabit Ethernet Testers and has many feature rich benefits such as:

Anytime, anywhere Ethernet/SONET/SDH/OTN/Fiber Channel testing
Compact, ultra lightweight form factor
Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)
-Reduces training time
Eliminates the need for multiple test instruments
-Reduces cost of ownership
Open architecture H/W and S/W platforms
-Capabilities to Support the Expansion of Your T&M Needs on a Higher Scale


Tx Overhead Byte Sequence Generation? Up to 256 bytes
Rx Overhead Byte Capture? Up to 256 events
K1/K2 bytes are captured together
Multi-Channel Monitoring? Concurrent real time monitoring function up to 48 x AU3 and 28 x TU11/12

Gigabit & 10 Gigabit Ethernet

32 Multi-stream Traffic Generation & Analysis
Layer 1/2/3/4 packets & fully customized packets
Powerful built-in Packet Capture/Decode
Dual ports or Single port
Packet Jitter Test in RFC2544
Real Time Traffic Monitoring
Packet Flooding
Wireless LAN (WiFi)
100FX optical

SDH/SONET, PDH & Fibre Channel Features
Reference clock out
- SDH: 622M (STM-64) or 155M (STM-16 and below)
- OTN: 669M (OTU-2) or 167M (OTU-1)
Frequency analysis and power measurement
Frequency offset generation
Round-trip delay measurements
Through mode analysis
Intrusive Through mode
Unframed mode at all of protocol rates
BITS Clock for Tx reference clock source:?
- T1/E1/2.048Mhz
PDH testing : E1, E3, E4 bitrates and T1(DS1), T3(DS3)
1G/2G/4G Fiber Channel support for Storage Area Networks

OTN Features
OTN Testing : OTU1 (2.7 Gbit/s) and OTU2 (10.7 Gbit/s) bit rates
Over-clocked OTU2 rates: OTU1e (11.0491 Gbit/s) and OTU2e (11.0957 Gbit/s)
- Optional : G.709 FEC is used(Not include Super FEC)
Asynchronous/Synchronous mapping/de-mapping of SONET/SDH signals within OTU1/OTU2
Forward error correction (FEC) testing
OTU, ODU, OPU overhead manipulation and monitoring
OTU, ODU (including ODU TCM), OPU layer alarms/errors generation and analysis
OTU, ODU (including ODU TCM) trace messages
Mux/demux of ODU1/ODU2 testing
ODU multiplexing alarm-generation and analysis
Programmable error/alarm injection

SDH / SONET Test Features
Terminated/Line thru/Intrusive thru mode
SDH(SONET) testing :
155Mb/s, 622Mb/s, 2.5Gb/s and 9.6Gb/s
= STM1/4/16/64 = STS-3/12/48/192
Incorrectly Configured DSLAM Ports
High-order mapping include ACAT
STS-1/3c/6c/9c/12c/24c/48c/192c and AU-3/AU-4/AU-4-2c/3c/4c/8c/16c/64c
Low-order mappings:
Section/RS, Line/MS, high-order (HO) and low-order (LO) path overhead manipulation and monitoring
Section/RS, Line/MS, high-order (HO) and low-order (LO) path alarm/error generation and monitoring
High-order (HO) and low-order (LO) pointer generation and monitoring/capturing(up to 512 actions)
Tandem connection monitoring
Performance monitoring: G.821, G.826, G.828, G.829, M.2100, M.2101
Automatic protection switching and service disruption time measurements
Programmable error/alarm injection

10/100/Gigabit & 10 Gigabit Ethernet Features

Throughput testing, generate multi-stream traffic up to 10Gbit/s on XFP, 1Gbit/s line rate on copper and optical multi-ports, Ethernet frames, layer 1/2/3/4 with multiple modes such as continuous, ramping, burst and random length mode.
Multiple streams : Generate and measure up to 32 independent streams
IP application test such as Ping, ARP, Trace Route, DNS, and DHCP
In-depth powerful built-in CAPTURE and analysis functions regarding all packets, filtered or event triggered option.
Cable diagnostics (TDR) such as cable fault, irregular impedance, cable length
Configurable QoS such as CoS, TOS, and DSCP
Supports filtered measurement such as Round Trip Delay (RTD), Packet Arrival Interval (PAI), Checksum error, Duplication error
Fully automated RFC2544 testing and reporting: throughput, latency, frame loss, and back-to-back frames without loss, all varying frame sizes defined in RFC 2544 standard on optical 10G XFP, 1G/100FX and copper 10/100/1000 BASE-T.?
- Packet jitter test is added to RFC2544 test mode
Local and Remote loopback testing at layer 2 (MAC) , layer 3 (IP) and layer 4 (TCP/UDP)?
- Auto loopback feature
Cable BERT on copper port, BERT in Unframed mode on fiber optical port
Supports statistics measurements, such as utilization, VLAN, flow control frame and packets, uni/multi/broadcasts, under 64 Byte frame, Jumbo frame and etc.
VLAN scan on ports, VLAN id and Q-in-Q stacking up to 3 VLANs
MPLS testing stacking up to 3 MPLS
Packet statistics measurement such as utilization, VLAN, flow control frame and packets, uni/multi/broadcasts, fewer than 64 byte (runt) frame, jumbo frame with global and filtered
Packet flooding : Flood any field in the packet (e.g., ip address, vlan, port, user defined)
Supports cable diagnostics. It utilizes TDR to detect and identify cable faults, perform estimation cable length, identify irregular impedance on metallic paired cable, twisted pair.
Powerful Ethernet network troubleshooting tool kit and performance measurement tool kit.





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