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RS232协议分析仪 | RS422协议分析仪 | RS485协议分析仪

RS232数据记录仪 | RS422数据记录仪 | RS485数据记录仪

德国IFTOOLS公司开发最高性能的RS232/422/485总线分析仪,能全自动监测RS232/422/485总线的波特率,很好地解决了传输时由于多种波特率切换, 而丢失数据信息。识别各种非标准的RS232/422/485总线传输速率。适合于研发时调试,生产阶段的信息记录。


  • RS232 Protocol analyzer and Data Recorder
    Module Number: MSB-232
  • RS422/RS495 Protocol analyzer and Data Recorder
    Module Number: MSB-485

RS232/422/485 Protocol Analyzer Features:

  • Supports any baudrate from 1 Baud to 1 MBaud
  • Automatic detection of baudrate and protocol
  • Supports protocols with 9 data bits
  • Detects invalid levels (tristate)
  • OS independent real time resolution of 1μs
  • Correct time relationship between all lines
  • Display of real level changes RxD, TxD
  • Signal switching/rerouting, data injection
  • Availiable for Windows and Linux
  • Scope-like display of the data lines
  • Simultaneous display of the logical signals as well as the transferred data
  • Define own rules how your data shall be displayed
  • Data analysis in real time
  • Data can be recorded to host PC in real time when capturing

强大的图形界面,同时也支持 Lua 脚本语言和 DOS Command 调用
Pattern search with regular expressions :
Integrated LevelFinder :
MultiViewconcept :
Copy And Paste :
Data export as CSV:
Direct display of the data stream by green Leds
Multi-Platform Support, windows, linux


MSB-232 Datasheet

MSB-485 Datasheet



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