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PCI Express Protocol Analyzer PCIe协议分析仪

The 2500A PCI Express Protocol Analyzer supports the following features: 

  • PCI Express 1.1 (2.5 GBit/second) compliant
  • User-selectable x4, x2 and x1 link width configurations.
  • User-selectable 2 Gigabyte to 64 Kilobyte capture buffer. A selectable capture buffer size allows for smaller data files when saved to hard disk.
  • A powerful 48 MHz Cypress FX2LP microprocessor implements on-demand upload of data via USB 2.0 after a completed capture. This allows you to immediately view data after the capture without having to wait for lengthy uploads of the full trace data.
  • An Altera Arria II GX FPGA contains PCI Express x4 transceivers, a DDR2 Memory Controller and data upload interface to the microprocessor.
  • Programmable Sequence Detectors allows the FPGA to detect the location of pre-defined as well as custom data sequences. This facilitates hardware-acceleration of PCI Express Protocol Item detection after capture. This, in turn, enables the software to display the data very quickly after a completed capture without a need for the software to locate the PCI Express Packets and Ordered Sets captured.
  • An 8-level trigger with up to 2048 byte deep data detection per trigger level allows triggering on very long data sequences. In total, data sequences up to 16 Kbytes in length can be triggered upon.
  • A TTL-compatible Trigger in / out port allows synchronization with external test instruments.
  • A x4 slot probe with a 1 m (3.3ft) cable is included. 3rd party, custom probes can also be designed and connected to the 2500A unit.
  • Microprocessor firmware and FPGA configuration are automatically updated with the PC application software. No separate and complex hardware re-programming is needed.

Overall, the 2500A hardware and software has been designed for maximum efficiency and simplicity of use. The hardware is small enough to fit in your pocket, the software is very easy to use but yet the complete package is very flexible and powerful.

Unique Advanced Features

  • The Hierarchical Protocol Tree View organizes the captured PCI Express protocol data into a format that exactly reflects the nesting of the actual protocol items on the bus. This greatly eases understanding of the PCI Express protocol. Other PCI Express Protocol Analyzers use a primitive block-type display which makes it very hard to see the overall hierarchy of the complex data being communicated.
  • FPGA hardware acceleration (indexing) of protocol items allows instantaneous Protocol View display after custom filtering, even for a full 2 gigabyte capture. Other Protocol Analyzers use the computer's CPU to parse the captured data which is orders of magnitude slower.
  • Dynamic on-demand data upload from the hardware allows effortless access to and browsing of gigabyte sized trace data without a need to first upload the complete data to the PC. Only the part of the Protocol View that is actually visible will result in data fragments being uploaded from the 2500A unit.
  • Extremely deep Trigger Sequence Detectors allow detection of eight trigger levels of up to 2,048 bytes per level or in total 16 kilobytes. Other Protocol Analyzers normally only allow you to trigger on a few DWords of packet payload data.
  • Multiple time-correlated views of the data are simultaneously available, allowing you to easily see transaction, packet and lane details from the highest to lowest abstraction levels at a glance. Some other PCI Express Protocol Analyzers require you to change the protocol view to view the data at a different abstraction level, resulting in lengthy reparsing of the data as well as loss of situational awareness of your location within the overall trace.
  • Hardware acceleration of Protocol Item detection allows immediate display of the number of each type of protocol item in the trace as well as immediate jump to or filtering of any protocol item type.
  • The 2500A unit is significantly smaller than competing PCI Express Protocol Analyzers, allowing it to be easily transported in your pocket or laptop bag (dimensions/weight is only 4.90” x 4.10” x 1.4” / 16oz or 125 x 105 x 35 mm / 450g).

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