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目标代码单元测试,集成测试 Object Code Testing--TestIDEA

iSYSTEM testIDEA offers Real-Time Unit and Integration Testing by executing test cases and test vectors on a real hardware without code instrumentation.



It's presumed that the target hardware includes a processor or a microcontroller executing the target application code and being controlled by iSYSTEM blue box. Test subjects are C/C++ functions, which are stressed with possible input parameters (test vectors) and then the functions' results are compared against the expected.

testIDEA does not require modifying the target application code, which makes it distinct amongst available test tools in the market.

testIDEA : 不需要修改目标应用程序代码,最真实的测试环境,这是其它的测试工具无法办到的。

Main features:

  • Simple and fast implementation of unit tests/简单快速的单元测试(功能测试和覆盖率测试)
  • Test case execution on a real hardware without code instrumentation/无需代码导入的在线测试
  • Support for regression tests/支持回归测试
  • Import/Export of test cases to/from Excel/可导入,导出到excel表格
  • Test report generation (XML, Excel)/生成不同类型的测试报告
  • Tests can be combined with trace, profiler and execution coverage analysis/可结合trace,profiler,coverage进行代码分析
  • Can be used in conjunction with optional I/O module for Hardware-In-The-Loop (HIL) tests/可联合I/O module做硬件在环测试
  • Extendable with Python scripts/可通过python脚本进行远程控制


  • Object Code and Source Code level testing/支持目标级和源码级测试
  • No test driver/harness/无需测试驱动
  • Optimized code supported/支持优化过的代码
  • Intergrated in winIDEA/集成在winIDEA中
  • Wide range of supported CPUs and compilers/支持广泛的CPUs和编译器
  • No instrumentation or recompilation required/无需代码导入,不需要重新编译
  • Real-Time user stubs/支持普通打桩,也可实时的使用用户自己定义的桩函数


  • The Test environment corresponds as closely as possible to the target environment
  • Quick turn-around times: No additional compile, link and download cycle while testing
  • Flexibility in use:
    1. Technology may be used for unit, integration and system test
    2. Combine trace, performance analysis, code coverage and I/O stimuli within test runs

Testcase Edit:


iSYSTEM.connect API

  • testIDEA提供友好的GUI界面(如上),用户可非常简单的通过此GUI进行创建和运行testcase并生成报告。
  • isystem还提供一个isystem.connect程序接口,包含很多开放的API函数,这样用户就可以自己写脚本(Python,Perl, TCL, C/C++, C#, Java,...) 来创建测试用例,并自动地执行它们。 所有的测试用例都可以用脚本来实现。
  • 当程序运行的时候,外部程序可以通过isystem.connect远程控制isystem软硬件,并可从目标板获取数据,这样就实现了系统集成测试已经自动化测试的功能。

System Setup:


下载 TestIDEA Datasheet

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