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Mobile Access Network Performance Tester

Integris is a highly integrated test platform designed to measure the performance and reliability of mobile access networks during all phases of a mobile network life cycle. It provides the entire design and field test teams the functionality and flexibility to test today’s demanding LTE and LTE Advanced networks.
The Integris platform is ideal for testing access networks that use DWDM or CWDM as their transport, as these types of networks require monitoring and testing of multiple points in the network to ensure performance will meet specifications. Gigabit Ethernet, CPRI, and OBSAI protocols are supported.
Included in its functionality are tests to measure bit error rate, round trip or point-to-point latency, and failover/redundancy delay. The power of Integris lies not only in being able to make these measurements, but also in providing data to be able to pinpoint impairments or malfunctioning network devices quickly, saving you significant time and money.

Test Applications

  • Tests performance of remote radio head (RRH) to base band unit (BBU) communications for both fibre and copper networks, including BER, latency, and failover
  • Evaluate interoperability between multiple devices in your mobile access network
  • Perform service disruption testing to increase confidence in network error recovery and redundant circuit performance
  • Find connectivity faults and identify network impairments

Key Features

  • Increase reliability of your network by measuring real time performance for Bit Error Rate (BER), Latency, and Failover/Recovery switch time.
  • Test Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, CPRI, OBSAI on DWDM or CWDM or uncolored optics all with the same hardware test platform.
  • Full support for testing Layer 1 (physical layer) up to Layer 4 (transport layer).
  • Portable and compact chassis for laboratory or field testing
  • Form factors for both laboratory and field testing environments.

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