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MIPI UFS协议分析仪 M-PHY UFS and UniPro 协议分析仪 UFS2.x/3.0 Protocol Analyzer

MIPI MPHY UFS协议分析仪Falcon G400 series with Trace Validation provides complete protocol debug and analysis of UFS and UniPro devices

Universal Features for both G400 and G450:
Supports MIPI M-PHY v4.1 HS-G4 and UniPro v1.8
Speed: PWMG1-PWMG5, HSG1-HSG4 and Rate Series A & B
Link Width: x1 and x2
LUN: 0-7, plus boot, RPMB, UFS Device, Report LUN and Agnostic
Traffic Class: TC0
Transmission Modes: Auto/NonAuto
Trace capture memory depth: 8 GB
Thunderbolt 3 connectivity
Protocol support: UFS 2.x/UFS3.0
Protocol support: UniPro 1.6x/UniPro 1.8
Compliance support: UFS 2.x/UFS3.0
Conformance support: UniPro 1.6x/UniPro 1.8

UFS协议分析仪 UFS Protocol Analyzer Falcon G400 Features:
Full line rate data capture
Protocol decode
Protocol listing
Hardware Trigger
Hardware Filter
Traffic overview
Event Viewer
Displays traditional timing information plus a comprehensive overview of all events on the bus

Trace Validation
Analyzes bi-directional UniPro links
Complex state-machine analysis of protocol sequences and packet characteristics
Packet inspection rule checking based on the nature of the traffic
Perform validation against the specifications

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