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MIPI C-PHY Pattern Generator数据包发生器

The P339 is a stand-alone C-Phy Pattern Generator. It features 4 data lanes. Data rate
operation up to 2.5 Gb/s per wire (up to 12 wires) is supported.LP Voh, LP Vol, HS Voh and Vol are adjustable.

The CPhyGenCtl application is the controlling software for the CPhy Generator (P339)
made by The Moving Pixel Company (TMPC). Using this instrument, the user can
generate CSI protocol and pattern stimulus on a MIPI CPhy bus for receiver testing.

The CPhy Generator is connected via USB to a host computer that runs the CPhyGenCtl
software. It has the following capabilities:
Connects via either USB2 or USB3
Supports one to four CPhy lanes, supporting frequencies up to 2.6 Gsym/s
Has SMA outputs for each wire of each lane
Contains internal pattern generator with 2 GB of program memory
Provides up to 15 ns of integer lane skew, with fractional symbol lane skew below 1.5 Gsym/s
Provides real-time, per-lane, high and low voltage, fine-adjustments for both LP and HS signals
Supports fine adjustment of CPhy bus timing
Supports LP contention detection
Supports arbitrary logical-to-physical lane mapping
Provides configurable Trig Out signal

The CPhyGenCtl application is a Windows application that embodies knowledge of MIPI
CSI and C-PHY protocols to build programs for the CPhy Generator. Based on its
predecessor software, PGRemoteForP338, it provides the following functions:
Automated CSI video frame generation based on user frame timing.
Generic File Command syntax using text files to define arbitrary low-level CPhy LP and HS signals
including mixed state, symbol, and packet byte transmission
Macro capability for custom protocol-level program definition
TGR and PRBS test pattern generation
Push-button interface for defining, naming, and sending CSI packets, video,macros, and test patterns.
Comprehensive CPhy protocol configuration for setting preamble, postamble, and sync sequences for each lane
Provides configuration for user CPhy bus timings, e.g. HSPrepare, HSExit, etc.
Scripting support for configuration, program definition and output

For more details pls refer to P339 Datasheet

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