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MIPI M-PHY UFS and UniPro 协议分析仪Protocol Analyzer

The Falcon G300 series with Trace Validation provides complete protocol debug and analysis of UFS and UniPro devices

Universal Features for both G300 and G350:
Supports MIPI M-PHY v3.1 HS-G3 and UniPro v1.61
Can be upgraded to support MIPI M-PHY v4.1 HS-G4 and UniPro v1.8
Speed: PWMG1-PWMG5, HSG1-HSG3 and Rate Series A & B
Link Width: x1 and x2
LUN: 0-7, plus boot, RPMB, UFS Device, Report LUN and Agnostic
Traffic Class: TC0
Transmission Modes: Auto/NonAuto
Trace capture memory depth: 8 GB
Thunderbolt 3 connectivity
Protocol support: UFS 2.x
Protocol support: UniPro 1.6x
Compliance support: UFS 2.x
Conformance support: UniPro 1.6x

协议分析仪 Protocol Analyzer Falcon G300 Features:
Full line rate data capture
Protocol decode
Protocol listing
Hardware Trigger
Hardware Filter
Traffic overview
Event Viewer
Displays traditional timing information plus a comprehensive overview of all events on the bus

Trace Validation
Analyzes bi-directional UniPro links
Complex state-machine analysis of protocol sequences and packet characteristics
Packet inspection rule checking based on the nature of the traffic
Perform validation against the specifications


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