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MIPI D-PHY CSI-2 and DSI 协议分析仪

MIPI DPHY CSI2/DSI Protocol Analyzer

MIPI D-PHY Decoder Description:

  • Stand-alone instrument with simple setup and operation (small, quiet, cool)
  • Monitors MIPI DPhy traffic up to 2.5 Gbps per lane, 1-4 lanes
  • Host control via USB 3.0, allowing for fast upload of acquired data
  • Provides both "Sniff Mode" (high-Z) and "Receive Mode" (SMA, terminated) interfaces
  • Can transmit user-configured LPDT packet or LP signalling response to read packets
  • Supports acquisition of contiguous DPhy traffic using 1 GB capture memory
  • Provides protocol packet triggering, LP sequence and state triggering
  • ECC/CRC/burst error triggering
  • Provides real-time statistics: bus activity, measured bit-rate, packet counts
  • ECC/CRC error counts
  • Acquires, decodes, and displays CSI2 1.2, DSI 1.2 protocol packets
  • Acquires, decodes, and displays DPhy 1.2 signaling states
  • Provides extensive search and display filtering capabilites
  • Decodes, displays, and exports captured video frames (including DSC frame formats)
  • Familiar control software interface from earlier products (DPhyDecoderHSCtl)
  • Provides extensive RPC remote-control capability using a .NET DLL

MIPI D-PHY Decoder V1.2 Sample Connection:

MIPI D-PHY Decoder V1.2 Main Features:

  • Supports MIPI signaling at up to 2.5 Gbps per lane
    Supports MIPI D-PHY CSI-2

    Supports MIPI D-PHY DSI

    Supports up to 4 lanes plus clock

    Active, solder-down probes for highest fidelity

    Extensive real-time triggering and filtering and error detection

    Auto timing optimizer for less-than-perfect DUTs

    Powerful decoder

    View protocol at many levels

    Integrated video decoder window

    Supports multiple virtual channels

    Does not require a logic analyzer

Sample Decoding for MIPI CSI2 Protocol

Sample Decoding for MIPI DSI Protocol

  • Upper Layer Triggers for DSI
    Generic Commands
    DCS Write Commands
    DCS Read Commands
    Read Response Commands
    Packed Pixel Stream Commands
    Custom Commands

  • Upper Layer Triggers for CSI
    Generic Commands
    YUV Commands
    RGB Commands
    Raw Commands
    User Commands
    Custom Commands

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