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MIPI C-PHY 协议分析仪 CPHY Protocol Analyzer

The Moving Pixel Company CPhyScopeDecoder software is a single-lane CPhy and
CSI2 protocol decoder from CPhy signal acquisitions from an oscilloscope.
The software supports both Agilent’s Infiniium 90000 and compatible oscilloscopes
as well as Tektronix oscilloscopes.

The software runs on any WinXP or Win7 host that is connected to the oscilloscope via a
LAN, using the remote-control capability of the scope to control real-time acquisition.
The software’s main functions include:

  • Supports decode of single MIPI CPhy lane up to 2.5 Gsps
  • Uses either Tektronix or Agilent (Keysight) oscilloscope for acquisition
  • Decodes and displays CSI2 1.2 or DSI2 1.0 protocol packets and CPhy 1.1 signaling states/symbols
  • DSI support does not include DSC, LPDT, BTA, or peripheral command decoding
  • Cursors on scope linked both directions to decode window
  • Provides extensive search and display filtering capabilites
  • Decodes, displays, and (under user control) exports captured video frames
    Decoded packets
    Frame summary
    Statistics and Navigation Viewing
    Saving of images
  • Check and report many types of errors:
    illegal state transitions
    invalid symbol sequences
    packet header and payload CRC errors, etc.
  • Provides RPC remote-control capability using a .NET DLL
  • Familiar control software interface (similar to DPhyDecoderHSCtl software)

For More Details pls refer to user manual

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