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Logical_Analyzer 逻辑分析仪

Peregrine Technology Logic Analyzers provide user friendly interfaces and support protocol decoding and packet lists.The maximum data compression rate can be up to 1 million, 1K memory could save 1G signal data

Peregrine Technology Logic Analyzer Main Advantages:
Easy-to-Learn and Friendly User Interface
Only Two Steps for Measuring Signal
STEP 1: Select the trigger conditions
STEP 2: Press RUN button

Powerful Data Compression Function
Peregrine Technology Logic Analyzers supports the data compression function and the maximum
compression ratio is more than 1 million, it will extend the times for measuring significantly.

Bus Analysis Function

Packet Trigger
The Packet Trig function will help you to find the packet that you want. When enable this function, system will keep capture data and check packet until packet appear. When packet appears, system stops capture data and show the packet data on screen

Data Filter Function

File Synchronization Enable you to check the differences between two files

Logical Analyzer 逻辑分析仪 Specification

点击下载Datasheet Logical Analyzer Datasheet






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