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Flash/CPLD In-System Programming (ISP) 在系统编程
Universal programmer is focused at flash/CPLD in system programming, It is easy to burn in the firmware to a empty flash device, upgrate firmware, and also for repair the demaged board. It is designed with new architecture so it is fast and high-performance with easy to use. Especially, a customer’s board can be suppored within day to achieve programming flash.

Key features:

·Affordable -- Low- price, yet high-performance solution for all package flash.
·Fast -- Save time for load image to flash, or obtain rapid test vector.
·Customized -- Add a requeseted flash module in time.
·Cross-platform support -- Windows, Linux

Product Specification:

·USB2.0 (480M bist/s) interface
·JTAG Baudrate up to 12Mbits/s (programmable)
·Supported almost flash brand
·Supported variable flash, such as SPI, I2C, NOR, NAND programming
·Supported eeprom programming
·Open the DLL for thirdparty tools

Applications and Benefits

·Programming FPGA/CPLD (Altera,Atmel, Lattice, Xilinx..) with your SVF, JAM, JBC files.
·Programming your AVR processor “Serial Vector Format” File.
·Programming the bootloader (firmware) to boot- up flash .
·No Adapter or Charge when the flash package is updated, such as from SOP to BGA..

Part of support devices:

K8D32UT, K9F1208U1X, K9F2808U0M,
K9F2G08UOB,K94G08U0A, K9F5698U0M..
S25FL064A, S29AL008D, S29AL016D, S29GL016J, S29GL064M,
S29GL128P, S29GL256P/N, S29GL512P/N, S29JL064H, S29WS12N
28F256K18, 28F256K3, 28F256P30B/T, 28F320B3B, 28F320B3T,
28F320C3B/T, 28F320J3A, 28F400B3B, 28F640C3B, 28F640J5..
AM29DL162DB AM29BDS128H AM29F010 AM29F016B …

We keep our fcousing on:

Ease of use. We model our IDE on industry standard IDEs, So you don’t need to learning something completely.
Service. Special application with low price can be customized for ISP( In-System Program) to thirdpart tools.
Scripting. Programming can be finished by external applications.
Support. We have senior engineers, any issue of your application (hardware or software), send us freely

Ordering information:

Part Number -- FG800410
For more information, or to order this product online, please visit
our website : www.flashtech.com.cn

Additional Information:
Device support list
·Software User manual

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