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Intel-Chip USB (IC-USB) 协议分析仪

The Ellisys USB Explorer 260 is a sophisticated protocol test system for USB traffic monitoring, driver and software stack debugging, protocol compliance verification and performance analysis. The EX260 can reduce your R&D development time by finding issues early and debugging more efficiently, and can improve quality and reliability by verifying compliance to the specifications.

The multifunction USB Explorer 260 can:

■Analyze USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 links at any speed, including OTG and the new InterChip-USB at all speeds and all voltages;
■emulate USB hosts and devices;
■inject pre-defined error patterns for stress and error recovery testing; and,
■automatically verify compliance to the USB and class specifications.
Each flexible Ellisys USB Explorer 260 hardware unit is capable of acting either as a protocol analyzer or a packet generator depending on configuration.

To capture and analysis Inter Chip USB ( IC-USB) Link, below flying probe will be used together with EXP260A:

More about the Flying Probe






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