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I2C/SMBus Protocol Analyzer | I2C/SMBus 协议分析仪

MDIO协议分析仪 | IPMI协议分析仪


Total Phase主要提供I2C/SPI Host Adaptor、I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer、USB Protocol Analyzer、CAN Bus solution等。秉承其“Powerful & Affordable”的理念,Total Phase为全世界工程师们提供了性价比极高的主机适配器、协议分析仪等。 Total Phase同时提供免费开放的API和Library,全球无数工程师正在享用此Feature。 其所有工具都同时支持Windows、Linux、Mac OX X等操作系统。  

Beagle I2C/SPI/MDIO Protocol Analyzer协议分析仪

  • Non-intrusively monitor I2C up to 4 MHz
  • Non-intrusively monitor SPI up to 24 MHz
  • Non-intrusively monitor MDIO up to 20 MHz (Clause 22 and Clause 45)
  • Real-Time Data Capture and Display - Watch I2C, SPI, and MDIO packets as they occur on the bus.
  • Bit-level timing down to 20 ns resolution.




MCC针对I2C/SMBUS 提供最全套的方案供客户选择,从简单的12C转换器. USB 转I2C,RS232转I2C到各种接口的I2C/SMBUS分析仪,手持式I2C分析仪,以及Smart Battery Systems,都有提供。
MCC提供的I2C/SMBus/IPMI/SSI Protocol Analyzer有:

I2C Bus Monitor Plus with PCI Interface.
I2C Bus Monitor Plus with PC Card Interface.
I2C Bus Monitor Plus with ISA Interface.
I2C Bus Monitor Plus Software Development Kit.
I2C Bus Monitor Plus PCI Interface Add-On Kit.
I2C Bus Monitor Plus PC Card Interface Add-On Kit.
I2C Bus Monitor Plus ISA Interface Add-On Kit.
Hand-held and remote I2C/SMBus monitoring instrument.

Capture and view message data in convenient hand-held mode, or use the built-in RS-232 port and our optional analysis software to view ASCII, Hex, or Smart Battery System message data on your PC.

I2C/SMBus Analyzer Software Package
Monitor I2C Bus traffic with your PC. Use this Windows based I2C Bus and SMBus analyzer software to collect, log, and display bus activity. Supports Smart Battery Systems (SBS) V1.0 protocol display in engineering units.

I2C/SMBus Monitor and I2C/SMBus Software Analyzer Package Kit

SMBus Smart Battery Tools
SMBus Smart Battery Emulator Software.
Is your SMBus Smart Battery Host or Charger design working correctly Will it survive bad or out-of-range data SBEMMY will help you find out.

SMBus Smart Battery Tester Software.
Is your SMBus Smart Battery working correctly Will it meet manufacturer specifications SBTEST will help you find out

The BusPro-I is an affordably priced powerful instrument designed to meet the needs of engineers tasked with debugging and troubleshooting board-level I2C bus circuitry.
The BusPro-I can be used to monitor and log I2C bus traffic in real-time, generate I2C transactions to communicate with peripheral components on the bus, and perform in-system programming of I2C EEPROMs.
The BusPro-I is targeted towards board level testing and debugging.
BusPro-I Targeted Applications:

  • Software Debugging
  • Board Level Hardware Debugging
  • In-System Programming

The CAS-1000-I2C/E has all the power, flexibility, and features you need to debug, test, and validate the I2C bus circuitry on your board. It provides all the functionality of the BusPro-I analyzer and also provides many additional advanced features geared towards IC verification and parametric testing.
The CAS-1000-I2C/E can be used to monitor and log I2C bus traffic in real-time, generate I2C transactions to communicate with peripheral components on the bus, perform in-system programming of I2C EEPROMs, perform master and slave device emulation via scripting, validate bus specification compliance, perform electrical and timing parameter measurement, perform glitch injection, perform clock stretching, and perform adjustable timing skew.
The CAS-1000-I2C/E is an enhanced model targeted towards IC verification and parametric testing in addition to powerful monitoring and debug functionality.
CAS-1000-I2C/E Targeted Applications

  • Integrated Circuit (IC) Design, Verification, and Test
  • Validate Device Compliance to Bus Specification
  • I2C Protocol Error and Signal Glitch Injection
  • Board and IC Level Hardware Debugging
  • Board and IC Level Parametric Testing
  • Software Development and Debugging
  • In-System Programming





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