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I2C Host Adapter | I2C主机适配器 | Ethernet 以太网接口I2C

MCC针对I2C/SMBUS 提供最全套的方案供客户选择,从简单的12C转换器. USB 转I2C,RS232转I2C到各种接口的I2C/SMBUS分析仪,手持式I2C分析仪,以及Smart Battery Systems,都有提供,同时多种转换器都可以直接作为ISP烧写工具和ICT在线测试工具使用。

iPort/LAN Ethernet to I2C Bus Host Adapter 以太网接口 I2C主机适配器

iPort/LAN brings Local (LAN) or Remote (INTERNET) I2C directly to your desk. Just load our free software, plug the iPort/LAN into your network, and you will be communicating with I2C Bus devices in your office, lab, factory, or remote sites in seconds.

With the iPort/LAN you can commuicate with I2C Bus systems at direct, local, or remote sites, monitor sensors, control devices, even reprogram EEPROMs. All from your desk. If you think that sounds fantastic, we agree.

Access Direct, Local (LAN), or Remote (INTERNET) connect I2C devices to your Desktop PC.
Ethernet Network Interface (IEEE 802.3, 10/100Base-T, 10/100 Mbps Auto-Sensing, RJ-45).
Supports 7-bit addressing Standard (100k) and Fast (400k) Mode I2C Bus Activity.
High Performance I2C Bus Co-Processor.
Increased I2C Bus Throughput with Low Overhead.
Selectable 23KHz, 86KHz, 100KHz, and 400KHz I2C Bus Clock Rates.
Supports Bus Master and Slave, Transmit and Receive, and /INT Signaling.
Supports Multi-Master systems with Arbitration Loss Detection.
Compatible with 3-5V I2C, or 1.5-5V with our iVoLT Voltage Level Translator.
Switch controlled I2C Bus Pull-Ups.
Simple ASCII Text Ccommand Interface.
Download our free iPort Utility Pack.
Download our free iBurner EEPROM Programming Software.
Download our free Microsoft .NET Class Library.
Download our free LabVIEW VI Library.
Download our free Message Center for Linux software.
Use our free Sample Programs and Development Tools to build custom I2C applications.
Virtual Com Port based driver eliminates network complications.
Built-in ESD and Auto-Resetable Fuse Protection.
Compatible with existing iPort/AI, iPort/AFM, iPort/USB, and i2cStick applications.
eXtended Commands support 2-Wire, "I2C-Like", and low level signaling.


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