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Free/lowcost Cortex-M JTAG Debugger

iTAG - 免费 Cortex-M 仿真器

iSYSTEM offers four dedicated ARM/Cortex debug and test tool packages . All combine a hardware debugger connecting to the target microcontroller through the debug interface and winIDEA/testIDEA , iSYSTEMs integrated development and test environment.

isystem 提供一整套 ARM Cortex-M 仿真器解决方案,涵盖低、中、高端不同系列,满足您各种不同的调试需求。

Overall software features (no time or code size limitations):

  • GCC 4.7.0 ARM compiler
  • Editor & build manager
  • Flash programming
  • HW and SW brakpoints
  • Low and high-level debugging
  • device register view(SFRs)
  • Python scripting
  • isystem.connect interface/API allowing 3rd party tools accessing all winIDEA TM functionalities
  • Real-time testing with testIDEA
  • OS awareness(FreeRTOS, RTX, rcX, CMX, uC/OS-II,...)
  • Compilable GCC sample projects(NXP LPC1xxx,STM32,FUjisu FM3,TI Stellaris LM3,Infineon XMC4500, Freescale Kinetis, ...)



DIY(do it yourself)


50 EUR

We build HW for you


SW upgrade for iTAG.FIFTY

Supported MCUs Cortex-M Cortex-M Cortex-M Cortex-M
Target I/O Vcc 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V 1.6 ~ 5.5V
Debug i/f 20-pin 2.54mm JTAG 10/20-pin 1.27mm JTAG JTAG/SWD JTAG/SWD
Trace i/f SWV SWV SWV SWO, 4/8-bit ETM
Host interface USB2.0-FS USB2.0-FS USB2.0-FS USB2.0-HS, Ethernet
SW Dev.Platform winIDEA Open winIDEA Open winIDEA winIDEA
Support No No yes(1 year) yes(1 year)
Compiler GCC GCC All All

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iONE-BT (Bluetooth Debugger):

iONE-BT is a wireless Debug & Trace adaptor to support Cortex-M based embedded systems development and test. On one end, it establishes a debug and trace communication with the target processor, on the other end it links to winIDEA/testIDE IDE , running on the host PC, via a wireless (Bluetooth) communication.

A wireless debugger system consists of the following components:

  • iONE-BT debug/trace module
  • isystem usb-bluetooth dongle

Module charactertistics:

  • operation voltage: 3.3V
  • bluetooth standard: bluetooth 3.0
  • transmit power: class 2(typ. 0dbm), range approx. 10m


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