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DDR3/4/5/LPDDR3/4/5 Analyzer/Compliance Tester


FuturePlus DDR Detective? is the most comprehensive DDR and LPDDR Memory compliance, validation and performance analysis tool on the market.

A standalone single box provides 3 main functions:
General DDR/LPDDR Debugger/Analyzer
DDR/LPDDR JEDEC Compliance Tester
Memory Performance Analysis

A single box supports 4 different technologies:
DDR4 3200MT/s
DDR3 2133MT/s
LPDDR3 1600MT/s
LPDDR4 3200MT/s

General Memory Analyzer/Debugger Features:
DDR3, DDR4 and LPDDR3 and LPDDR4 supported
Bus States Listing
Waveform Listing
512M Trace for Address/Command/Control
2 levels or triggering
Advanced Storage Qualification
Eye Detector guarantees valid data acquisition
Store only commands of interest to any rank or bank
Automated Setup
Auto Captures Mode Register Settings
Chart 2D or 3D trace buffer contents

JEDEC Compliance Tester/Violation Checker
Supports 56 LPDDR protocol parameters on all banks and ranks for hundreds of concurrent checks
Compliance parameters preprogrammed but easily modified for unique configurations
Ability to enable and disable each compliance test
Monitors and displays running totals of the test failures once per second.
Real time analysis, not post-processing

Performance Analytics
First of its kind! Large Counters never miss a cycle and can report metrics continuously for seconds, hours and even days!
Command Bus Utilization by rank, bank group and bank
Data Bus Utilization and Bandwidth by rank, bank group and bank
Page Hit/Miss/Unused
Multiple Bank Open – how many banks are open at any one time
Bank Group Analysis – what percentage of consecutive commands go to the same bank group/different bank group
Bank Utilization – How long are banks left open
Power Management – how long spent in self refresh/precharge power down/Active power down/DLL enable/Idle/Active/Max Power Down
Bus Mode – Idle/Active/MPR Mode/MRS/VREF Train/Write Level/Power Management

How to connecting to your Target
?DIMM and SODIMM Interposers
?BGA Interposers
?MidBus Footprint
?Flying Lead

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