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软件静态测试工具(MISRA C/C++)/Static Analysis Tool: Codescroll

Suresofttech Co. is small but strong and the only enterprise in the nation for inventing independent technology in software testing automation field; They provide test automation tool and verification software for software safety verification in Mission-Critical industry field. They endeavor to make a contribution in software industry carrying social responsibility with the vision to make a safer world with softwares.

Suresoft 公司专注于软件的自动化测试领域,提供静态测试、动态测试、模型测试、故障注入等多种工具,用于对安全性要求较高的行业,用以保证代码的安全性和可靠性。Codescroll是用于代码静态测试的工具,可以提供编码规则检测、run-time error检测、内存泄漏、代码质量度量、测试结果管理等功能。软件本身通过了功能安全认证,广泛应用于汽车、航空、国防、安全、铁路、电子电器、核能、医疗、船舶等多个行业。

代码静态测试工具(MISRA C/C++)Static Analysis Tool:


1,编码规则检测:Checking Codeing Rules

  • Verify source code in accordance to code rules required in each industry.

2,运行时间错误检测:Run-time Error Detection

  • 可检测算法错误、内存错误、数组越界等多种错误。

run-time error check

3,快速分析:Rapid Analysis using distributed computers

  • 有效利用多台电脑的空闲时间从而减少代码分析的时间:Reduce analysis time and cost by utilizing the available resources of mutiple PCs.
  • 快速分析大规模的源代码:Quickly analysisof large-scale source code(about 300 C++ source files within 1 minute)

distributed computers



5,方便快捷的fix缺陷:Easy and quick fix defects

  • 显示错误的位置、分布及状态: Show defect location , assignee status
  • 使用缺陷过滤器快速查找: Quick search using defect filter
  • 使用向导快速fix缺陷: Provide guide for fixing defects
  • 跟踪缺陷的状态: Trace defects status

quick fix defects


Special Features/Advantages:


  • Performance: Rapid analytics via distributed computing 可通过分布式电脑快速分析。
  • Managemant: Provides overall transition and progress of projects 提供多种形式的查看方式(概览及项目进度查看)
  • Easy: Provides user recommended modification guidelines 提供修改推荐向导,方便使用
  • Customizing: Development of customized rules for clients 提供可定制化的检测规则


  • International Certified: Cert from SGS TUV,provides tool qualification -- 提供工具认证证书
  • Web based UI; Provides easy-to-use analysis request feature; Linkage with continuous integration tool


  • Faster Static Analysis -- 快速静态代码分析
  • Easier Defect Correction -- 更容易的缺陷校正
  • Increased Work Productivity -- 提高工作效率

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