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TCP/IP with IPv4/IPv6 and secure networking protocols

CMX-INet-Plus is an RFC compliant TCP/IP stack offering extensive security protocols as well as IPv4 and IPv6 support for projects that require IPv4 now with an upgrade path to IPv6 in the future or IPv6 now. CMX-INet-Plus will work with or without an RTOS and offers an extensive variety of networking and security Add-On options giving the designer the ability to implement only those options required for their embedded application.

CMX-INet-Plus Base software includes:
ICMP - Internet Control Message Protocol
IGMP V2 - Internet Group Management Protocol ( Multicast )
DHCP Client - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Client
DNS Client - Domain Name System Client
Ethernet ( with ARP and MAC Drivers )
BSD Style Sockets
Royalty Free Full Source code
Ported for specific Processor and Compiler
Documentation, sample test programs
Free Technical Support

CMX-INet-Plus allows for mixed IPv4 and IPv6 traffic and supports Multicast and Neighbor discovery, delayed acknowledgements and zero data copy for maximum performance. Also includes a Virtual File System for read only data such as web pages.

CMX-INet-Plus Networking and Security Add-On options include:
DHCP Server - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server
DNS Server - Domain Name System Server
FTP - File Transfer Protocol Client/Server
IGMP V3 - Internet Group Management Protocol
NAT - Network Address Translation
POP3 - Post Office Protocol
PPP - Point to Point Protocol
PPPoE - PPP over Ethernet
RIP - Routing Information Protocol ( V1, V2 )
RTP/RTCP - Real-time Transport / RTP Control Protocol
SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol ( V1, V2, V3 )
SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNTP - Simple Network Time Protocol
Web Server ( HTTP Server )
SSL /TLS - Secure Socket Layer / Transport Layer Security
IKE - Internet Key Exchange
IPSec - Internet Protocol Security
Telnet Server

Supported Processors include:
ARM7/ARM9 (Atmel, NXP, ST, Freescale and others)
Cortex-M3 (NXP, ST, TI/Luminary Micro and others)
Freescale 68K, 683xx, CPU32
Freescale ColdFire
Power Architecture Technology


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