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Compact Flash ( CF Card) 拷贝机 | CF Card Copier | CF Card Duplicator


Low cost Stand-Alone CF Duplicator

The M6500 is an 8 slot professional Compact Flash duplicator that duplicates CF cards and PCMCIA flash cards with a speed of up to 12GB per minute and is ideal for simple mass duplication.Offering the ability to verify bit for bit and providing a checksum of your data this CF duplication system provides accurate copies every time.


- Ultra fast flash copying up to 25 MB/sec for up to 8 devices in parallel.
- Auto detection of the master device speed is used to provide the maximum speed for duplication.


- Large LCD display and four front panel keys allow fast and easy stand-alone duplication.
- Intuitive menu system makes job set-up quick and easy. Simply select from a list of predefined settings and with one click and you are up and running.


- The copy method uses binary image copy, meaning the target devices are 100% identical to the original master device.
- 'Bit-by-bit' verification against the master fives you the most reliable verification process possible.
- A master checksum is automatically calculated and displayed during every program and verify operation.


- The 68 pin PC-Card socket is readily adapted to a number of different devices using low cost adapters such as the PC-Card to CF adapter.
- Other adapters supporting IDE 40, 44, and 50 pin ATA devices are available.
- Optional softwareis also available allowing greater control over the M6500 job options.

M6500 Compact Flash (CF) Duplicator Features:

- Rugged Stand-alone ATA device copier with large LCD and four control keys
- 4 or 8 Target sockets + 1 Master socket
- All standard ATA modes are supported including PIO mode 0-4 and UDMA modes from 1-6
- Easily stackable for 16 to 32 target device copying
- FAT Copy mode copies only the data you need.
- Duplication of all devices in parallel up to 12GB per minute (8 Sockets)
- Binary image copy for use in copying all file systems
- Special FAT file system copying for fast copying of standard Windows file system masters
- Optional Windows PC software for enhanced control and job set-up
- Automatic checksum of data providing accurate verification

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