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Our software protects apps while making them faster and smaller.



Mobile applications are vulnerable. When you've secured your server, storage and communication, the app remains the weakest link for attackers. Our software hardens apps against on-device and off-device attacks. Keep your software safe from reverse engineering and tampering. Save time and effort with our state-of-the-art protection techniques.


Mobile applications are never fast enough. Nicely abstracted code and external libraries can be at odds with performance goals. Our software optimizes the apps again, improving performance by 20%. Your customers will thank you for providing a better experience.


Mobile applications are becoming large. Shiny features and bulky libraries can be a challenge. Our software reduces the application size by 20 to 90%, resulting in a smaller download time and fast app usage. Your users will enjoy a superior experience.


App development with protection

App Threats

Unprotected apps are vulnerable to several attacks

Our Solution

Apps protected with DexGuard

Our products

ProGuard DexGuard




Size improvement
Performance improvement
Name obfuscation
Code protection
Resource protection
Application integrity
Platform integrity
Communication hardening



The standard Java and Android obfuscator

ProGuard is our free generic optimizer and obfuscator for Java bytecode. ProGuard makes your apps smaller (20% - 90%) and faster (10% - 20%). It's also the first step to protect your apps against reverse engineering. Over the years, ProGuard has solidly become the industry standard in its field. It is the default tool in development environments like Oracle's Wireless Toolkit, NetBeans, EclipseME, Intel's TXE SDK and Google's Android SDK. However, when security is important for you, you should have a look at DexGuard . It offers additional Android-specific security layers on top of ProGuard.

Successful applications

Desktop Applications

ProGuard obfuscates Java applications. Optimization is not as important on virtual machines with advanced JIT compilation, but obfuscation helps to protect the app against reverse engineering.

Embedded Applications

ProGuard optimizes and obfuscates Java applications for cell phones, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes and other constrained devices.

Mobile Applications

ProGuard optimizes and obfuscates Android apps. As a generic optimizer and obfuscator, ProGuard also works on Java bytecode for Android. For additional security, consider DexGuard, our dedicated product for Android.

ProGuard detects and removes unused classes, fields, methods and attributes. It optimizes bytecode and removes unused instructions. ProGuard renames the remaining classes, fields and methods using short meaningless names. Finally, it preverifies the processed code for Java 6 or for Java Micro Edition.


ProGuard is free software. Why upgrade to DexGuard? Here's a comparison of their main features:




Protection against Static Analysis Arithmetic Obfuscation
Class Encryption
Call Hiding through Reflection
Control Flow Obfuscation
Cordova/Phonegap Encryption
Name Obfuscation
Removal of Logging Code and Metadata
String Encryption
WebView Encryption
Native Code Obfuscation
Native Library Encryption
Obfuscation of Native Library Names
Asset Encryption
Encryption of Resource Files
Resource Obfuscation
Protection against Dynamic Analysis Certificate Checks
Debug Detection
Emulator Detection
Root Detection
Root Cloaking Detection
Tamper Detection
SSL pinning
WebView SSL pinning
Optimization Code Optimization
Removal of Redundant Code
Automatic Splitting of Dex Files
Removal of Unused Native Libraries
Removal of Unused Resources  



The most advanced security software for Android applications

Many mobile devices use an Android OS, yet the operating system has quite a few disadvantages. A lot of free hacking tools exist that let anyone easily reverse engineer or even 'trojanize' an Android app. There are a number of possible vulnerabilities for unprotected applications: insertion of malware (such as key logging, password snooping or connection tampering), theft of data and intellectual property, bypassing authentication logic, piracy, and last but not least loss of credibility.

DexGuard provides advanced security features tailor-made for the Android operating system. It offers protection against static analysis . DexGuard shields your apps from cloning, tampering, key extraction and piracy, by applying multiple techniques such as string encryption, class encryption, asset encryption, call hiding, code obfuscation and resource obfuscation.

DexGuard also offers protection against dynamic analysis . It adds tamper detection and SSL pinning to your application, and allows the application to run environment and certificate checks. The combined layers provide the best protection for Android applications in banking, e-commerce, health, and so forth.

DexGuard 7.2

adds multiple, mutually reinforcing layers of protection to Android applications and SDKs. Each of these layers is polymorphic , i.e. different in each single implementation.

offers extensive customization options, enabling you to adapt the applied protection to your security and performance requirements.

allows you to plug in proprietary algorithms for the encryption and decryption of strings, assets, resources and native libraries.

improves the performance and reduces the size of Android applications and SDKs while effectively shielding them from reverse engineering attempts and hacking attacks.

integrates transparently in the build process : DexGuard doesn't require any changes to the source code.

supports the use of several popular security libraries , such as IOCipher, NetCipher, SQLCipher, Conceal, KeyCzar and SecurePreferences.

is fully compatible with ProGuard and with all common build tools and development environments (Gradle, Android Studio, Ant, Eclipse, Maven and custom builds).

DexGuard integrates transparently in the build process

DexGuard, more than an obfuscator

Application code protection

Application resource protection

Size and performance improvements

DexGuard protects your applications' source code against reverse engineering and tampering.
DexGuard shields your applications' resources, assets and native libraries from reverse engineering and tampering. DexGuard makes your applications up to 90% smaller and 20% faster.

Application integrity

Platform integrity

Communication hardening

DexGuard ensures that your Android applications react appropriately if a hacker has tried to modify them or is accessing them illegitimately. DexGuard applies environment checks to prevent your Android applications from running in a compromised environment. DexGuard increases the security of your communication and data storage.

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