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RF Test Spectrum Measurements over CPRI -- Integris 3000


Most modern cell tower network configurations place the Remote Radio Head (RRH) at the top of the tower and the baseband unit(BBU) at the bottom of the tower. While this configuration is advantageous for both computational efficiency and mitigation of
RF loss across the cable, it means the only place along RF can be accessed is at the top of the tower. This forces field technicians to have to climb the tower to measure and debug RF noise problems.

Integris 3000 Solution

Integris eliminates the tower climb by accessing the RF through the digital CPRI link available at the bottom of the tower. This digital link uses the CPRI protocol to carry the RF data in digital IQ form to the bottom of the tower. By accessing the data here, not only are the costs for truck rolls and tower climbs reduced, but the time to resolution is also accelerated due to the ability to use software analysis and collaboration tools to analyse the noise signatures.

  • Test Applications
  • Measurement of RF signals at the base of cell towers
  • utilizing the CPRI link for noise and interference debugging
  • No tower climb necessary to access RF signal
  • Full RF spectrum analysis via software analysis tools
  • Interface with field signal analyzer equipment used for drive tests


Key Benefits
Offers a high resolution real-time analysis of RF Spectrum
Lowers the cost of noise troubleshooting
Decreases time to problem resolutio
Digitized RF data can be captured for in-depth offline analysis
Remote internet connection
Supports CPRI V5.0

Test functions
Measures RF
Captures RF
Displays power spectrum,
Constelltiaon waveforms
Outputs IQ for offline
Processing and analysis, export to IQ analysis software

Interface support
Optical SFPs
Single Mode or Multi Mode Fiber

Protocol Support
CRPI Rate 1 to Rate 8 supported (up to CPRI version 5.x)

for download Integris 3000 Presentation and Datasheet






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