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A2B Bus Monitor and Analyzer A2B协议分析仪

Total Phase’s A2B Bus Monitor Application provides unprecedented access to the A2B system. By attaching the A2B Adapter Board in-line between A2B nodes, the A2B monitor can non-intrusively sniff A2B data on the line, giving users a realtime view into A2B traffic on the bus.

Key Features
? Real-time capture of A2B bus data
? A2B superframe decoding
? Track Node Initialization
? View Node Topology
? Monitor I2C data
? Monitor GPIO signaling
? Monitor Interrupt events
? Monitor I2S/TDM audio data
? up to 14 channels upstream
? up to 14 channels downstream
? A2B error decoding
? Live upstream and downstream audio levels
? Play multi-channel live audio simultaneously
? Export multi-channel audio to WAV

A2B Bus Data
Monitor and decode A2B bus data, including GPIO and
Interrupt events. Inspect timing between events to validate
proper interoperability between subsystems. The entire
discovery and initialization process can be captured for
analysis. Data can be filtered in real-time to find specific
data of interest. All the data can be exported for future
analysis in other software systems.

A2B Node Topology
Debug A2B discovery and initialization problems easily
with the A2B Node Topology view

Monitor Audio Channels
See instantaneous audio levels across all upstream and
downstream audio channels simultaneously. Quickly
debug audio slot alignment problems. Listen to and export
audio data from multiple channels simultaneously via the
web interface. Audio data can be streamed to disk for
long session captures by using the API

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欲了解更多详情,请直接联系我们 021-61457130





欲了解更多详情,请直接联系我们 021-61457130


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